Why can’t I find a freezer?

Freezers are the toilet paper of the appliance world. There is a shortage. And that is devastating when yours stops cooling. Or when you need to pick up your beef tomorrow from the butcher. At these times, it’s good to have a neighborhood who is thinking ahead to help you through your need. Your problems are our problems. So here are a few thoughts on the supply and demand of freezers and what that means for you.

Gladiator Freezer and Refrigerator GAFZ30FDGB


Supply issues affected several manufacturers before talk of the pandemic ramped up. Some manufacturers build freezers in China, or use parts sourced from China. With the struggles they faced in January and the struggles the US has now, supply is moving, but slowly. Whirlpool factories in the US are producing appliances, but at a slower pace than normal to help keep those essential workers safe. Social distancing and down time for disinfecting are vital steps for safety! They take time away from production, though.

The supply chain suffers in logistics too. More people are working from home and things are not quite as efficient as normal. Vital employees may have needed to take time to home school their child or care for a family member. The whole process is more sluggish than normal.


Demand had increased for freezers. The normal demand is there. This is a big time for butchering and filling a freezer. And the spring and summer months are hard on older freezers, so we see more failures at this time. Also, with families trying to minimize trips to the grocery store, more are looking for a freezer to supplement their food storage space.

So what are we doing?

We have freezers on order through multiple brands and multiple distributors. Those orders are trickling in regularly. We fill orders on a first come, first serve basis. We also have a waiting list. Feel free to call and get added to the list. When a shipment comes in, we make calls on the list and offer what is available. And as always, we have a limited number of emergency loaner freezers to help with the unexpected. We will do our best to offer the same home town service that has kept us here for 50 years. This is a new challenge, but we will face it together.

Chest Freezer WZC3115DW

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